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Space Saving Murphy Beds for any Room

In many homes, the home office is also a spare bedroom when guests are in town. In others the spare bedroom doubles as a play-room for the kids. If this sounds familiar, then you probably also know the feeling of having to drag that air mattress out of the closet and blow it up for your company and the feeling of guilt for not having a comfortable place for them to sleep.

If you’re looking to offer your family and guests a much better place to sleep, then we’ve got just the thing for you. Affordable and stylish, Murphy beds are just the thing to add sleeping space to a room. They come with the ability to be easily tucked away when they’re not needed. L&B Closets offers these beds in queen and double sizes. Each mattress folds up into its cabinet, which comes in a variety of styles and colors to match the décor of your house. Your Murphy bed always looks like it was made to be in your home.

Murphy Beds: The Possibilities Are Endless

Sure relatives love the idea of having a real bed to sleep on when they come to visit, but these beds serve a far greater purpose long after your guests have packed up and left. A wall bed can be the perfect solution:

  • When a spouse has sleep apnea or snores heavily.

  • When your college student is home for a short (or long) visit.

  • When an institution or facility needs additional bed space.

  • When you know your houseguests demand real sleeping arrangements and “don’t do well” on an air mattress.

  • When space is limited.

Wall beds like these come in handy in plenty of circumstances. The end result is a comfortable place to sleep that tucks away neatly and stylishly when you don’t need it.

It’s obvious that a Murphy bed offers superior sleep comfort over a traditional air mattress. It’s affordable, easy to care for and best of all, you don’t have to inflate it and deflate it with every use.

We have access to the latest wall bed styles and designs that are perfect for homes. Sit down with one of our Murphy bed experts and let them show you how one of our wall bed options can work in your home, with your style, with your unique needs in mind.

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