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Garage Cabinets Help Organize Your Storage Space

Our garage cabinets are designed with our 3D technology, so you can see exactly what you’re getting before we begin the installation process. With cabinets that are raised off of the garage floor, you get the benefits of more garage storage and more space for the activities you enjoy doing.

We offer a variety of finishes for garage cabinets and you can rest assured that our products are made with the strongest, most durable materials on the market. Our garage shelves that are in our cabinets use 100% steel hardware and each shelf has a 100 lb weight-bearing capacity, so you can store heavy items out of sight. Our custom-designed garage cabinet finishes include several types of finishes.

  • Powder Coated Finishes are able to protect your garage cabinets from water damage, chips, stains and scratches. Choose from Granite or Red powder coated cabinets.

  • Matte finishes come in White in Silver.

  • Wood grain cabinets can be chosen in Coco and Maple Wood.

  • Metallic cabinets are available in Windswept Bronze and Windswept Pewter

Garage Storage Is Made Better With Custom Garage Cabinets

Having a place for everything and the proper storage materials makes organization much simpler. Our custom garage cabinets are completely customizable, so you get to choose the size, height and width to match up with your needs. They have full backing, which keeps pests out and enhances overall cabinet strength. We offer both sliding cabinet doors and full-swing cabinets; just pick the choice that is right for you.

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