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Custom Reach-in Closets

When you picture custom closets, you may envision a large walk-in closet, filled from ceiling to floor with shelves, clothing rods, drawers and all of the closet accessories that you need to hold all of your belongings. While this is an accurate description of a custom walk-in closet, have you ever considered having your smaller, reach-in closets customized? These closets include coat closets, hallway closets and linen closets. They might also include a small closet in a guest bedroom or office.

L&B Closets can help you with a closet of any size, including the small hall closets, linen closets and broom closets that can so easily get disorganized.

Benefits of Custom Reach-In Closets

At first glance, you might think that it wouldn’t be worth it to have a small closet customized. In truth, however, when you have a smaller closet, it becomes even more important to properly optimize the space so that you can fit everything that you need to. Here are some of the benefits of having custom reach-in closets:

  • Smaller closets are less expensive to have customized than larger closets.

  • They can be more difficult to keep tidy.

  • They tend to be in public areas, so guests are likely to see and use them.

We can work with you to make your small closet design everything you’ve been hoping for, and more!

Call us or click here today to learn more about custom small closets and to schedule a free, no-obligation in-home consultation! Servicing around the Phoenix, Chandler & Scottsdale area.

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