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Phoenix Custom Closets for any Space

Installing and using the right combination of organizers in your closet can make the difference between finding everything you need exactly when you need it and not knowing where important items in your closet are located.

Add to this the resale value that custom closet organizers can add to a home, and it’s a wonder more people aren’t choosing closet organizers as an easy and affordable upgrade to their homes.

It’s far too easy to ignore closet design when remodeling or renovating a home or room. It’s also too easy to go to a big-box store and buy wire shelves and a fluorescent light and call your closet organized. At L & B Custom Closets, we’ve taken closet systems to a whole new level of sophistication. We refuse to call wire shelves and wire organizers part of a “finished” closet and pride ourselves on superior design and product quality inside each and every closet we design and build.

Add Value to Your Home With Custom Closets

It may sound simple, but many people don’t realize the sheer amount of time they lose each year looking for items that have been misplaced thanks to inferior organizers and layout. With our custom designs, you can:

  • Finish an unfinished space and create value in your house.

  • Make your clothes and other items last longer by taking better care of them.

  • Gain confidence knowing that your closet cabinet system is working for you and not against you.

  • Make the most of even a small closet, which is often harder to keep neat and tidy.

From walk-in closet organizers to kids’ custom themed closets, we have the products that you need and want. We work with closets of any type and size, from the largest walk-in to the smallest hallway closet.

Forget about ordering from a catalog and the long delivery cycles that come with this method of designing closet systems. At L & B Custom Closets, we do the heavy lifting by helping you piece together closet drawers, cabinets, hanging rods, shelving and more to meet your individual needs. Our professionals can consult with you to determine the right closet makeover solution for you, your home, your lifestyle and your personal taste.

Call us or click here today to learn more about our custom closets and to schedule a free, no-obligation in-home consultation! We service surrounding the Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Chandler, AZ area.

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